Canadian Women’s Foundation: Seeking Proposals for 2018 Annual Violence Prevention Grants Program

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Deadline: 5 February 2018

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is currently accepting proposals for its 2018-2019 Annual Violence Prevention Grants program.


Organizations can apply for grants that address one of the following goals:

  • Prevention: Prevent gender-based violence through programs involving for girls only, or for teens of all genders (11 to 19 years old);
  • Rebuilding Lives: Support women’s organizations and programs involving women and children rebuild their lives after experiencing violence;
  • Loan Funds: Provide interest-free loan funds to women who have experienced violence.

Funding Information

Approximately 25 annual grants of up to $20,000 each will be allocated. Priority will be given in these grants to work with women, children and teens facing multiple challenges.

Grant Specific Criteria

  • Prevention: The foundation will fund programs/activities for girls only, or for teens of all genders (11 to 19 years old) that work to prevent gender-based violence, that can be school-based or offered outside of schools in a setting that provides a safe space.
    • The application must:
      • Have a significant focus on issues of violence experienced by women and girls, and healthy relationships. This may be within the context of connecting key issues such as violence, sexual relationships, substance abuse, respecting diversity and differences, and sexuality
      • Show a confirmed partnership with schools, if the program delivery is school-based
      • Actively involve girls/teens as peer educators or in other ways that promote their feeling of ownership in the program
      • Actively involve participants for a significant time period (i.e. More than two class presentations)
      • Have a component that builds skills in areas such as critical analysis and decision making.
  • Rebuilding Lives
    • The foundation will give priority to projects that provide:
      • Housing supports provided to women who have experienced violence, and their children
      • Support to children who have witnessed abuse or for parenting children who have witnessed abuse
      • Training, development and advocacy by provincial groups
      • Education and support on gender-based violence involving women with disabilities, older women and those who identify as 2SLGBTQ+
    • The foundation will also consider programs that provide:
      • Follow-up counselling and/or support
      • Help with financial, housing, health, and legal issues
    • Loan Funds: The foundation will help new or existing funds that offer interest-free loan funds for women leaving an abusive relationship, and are also supported by:
      • Additional resources for financial planning, budgeting, and managing priorities
      • Access to information on programs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be incorporated non-profit organizations and have a valid charitable number from Canada Revenue Agency or a First Nations, Metis or Inuit band designated as a qualified donee by Canada Revenue Agency.
  • If applicant’s organization does not have charitable status or is not a qualified donee, the foundation can consider an application from another organization that is a registered charity with a mandate relevant to the project. The other organization’s volunteer Board of Directors will have fiscal responsibility for the grant and be legally responsible for ensuring that the funds are spent for the charitable purposes intended. They will be required to sign a letter of agreement and work in partnership with the organization delivering the project.
  • Overall Criteria
    • Women’s organizations with significant experience in gender-based violence, such as shelters and sexual assault centres;
    • Programs for women who face multiple challenges, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit women, Black women and women of colour, women living in rural or northern communities, those who identify as 2SLGBTQ+, women living on low-incomes, older women, refugee, immigrant or non-status women, women with disabilities and Deaf women, and young women;
    • Projects that have established partnerships with other local women’s organizations or community based organizations that have experience working with women and girls.
    • Grass roots organizations with small budgets.
    • Projects that demonstrate a gender-analysis on the issue of violence (within the project materials, organizational structure, etc.).
    • Projects where funds can help leverage other funds.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

Eligible Country: Canada

For more information, please visit Annual Violence Prevention Grants.

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