About us

What We Do

Geoscholarglobal is a social enterprise and online initiative with the goal of increasing the accessibility of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and internships to students and professionals of all ages within the globe. We will accomplish this by providing online resources to increase their awareness and access to scholarships and award. We use technology to spread knowledge from our experienced scholarships experts.

Geoscholarglobal is a social enterprise and online initiative. We do not provide scholarships, fellowships, grants or internships. We also do not fundraise or write recommendations, but make scholarships available to students from institutions and organization. By presenting scholarships opportunities from around the world to a single click on your hand set and supporting your application, we hope to play our part in creating a better world.

Geoscholarglobal will provide services to all it subscribers by assisting them in the procedure of scholarships, fellowship, awards and internship application such as what you require before an application statements of purpose, and all the techniques involve for standing strong and becoming successful.