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Geoscholarglobal Premium is a membership-based service for scholarships, awards fellowships grants and Jobs opportunities, University and post graduate students seeking to find new ways of doing things, receives regular opportunity updates, develop new skills for applying for these opportunities, and interact with our international team of mentors!

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Geoscholarglobal Premium is an exclusive service where Premium Members get access to a range of article and tips on how to apply for opportunities including numerous sample examples.

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Geoscholarglobal Premium is built by an international team of experienced mentors who regularly interact and identify gaps applicants face when applying for an opportunity.

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Geoscholarglobal Premium will help you save time and money in your fundraising research.

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As soon as you sign up for Geoscholarglobal Premium membership service, you get instant access to our articles and tips on preparing and submitting an opportunity – a regularly updated and searchable listing of the entire article by subject. In addition you will be immediately linked up with one of our mentors who will gradually guide you throughout the process of the particular opportunity you identified.

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