The mentee is any individual or organisation that wish to take advantage of opportunities published every day on Geoscholarglobal. As a mentee, you have a number of responsibilities toward your mentor in order to reach the next level of you or your organisation.

Driver of Relationship

  • Identify the skills, knowledge, and/or goals that you want to achieve and communicate them to your mentor
  • Bring up new topics that are important to you at any point and give feedback to your mentor

Resource Partner

  • Work with your mentor to seek resources for learning; identify people and information that might be helpful


  • Look for opportunities to give back to your mentor; share any information that you think might be valuable

Continuous Learner

  • Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn

Each mentee is linked to a particular mentor depending on the profile and expectations of the mentee.


  • Possibility to apply to 6 opportunities per year in whatever category you want, except opportunities for organisations.
  • Personal monitoring of your application process by your mentor.
  • Tips and secrets to make the best application and enhance your chances to get the opportunity.
  • Essays, CV and Resume editing.
  • Possibility to benefit from a direct mentor that will help you in your professional and personal growth.
  • Learn new skills and achieve bigger goals
  • Make appropriate personal and professional decisions, and develop stronger values
  • Develop greater confidence and turns weaknesses into strengths.
  • Network with experienced mentors, growth network and future potentials and connect with learning partners who believe in you and your abilities.


Apply to become a mentee

NB: If you are interested to apply for mentees program, kindly make your payment through the paypal account or by using your bank card (Visa, Master or veverde).

The subscription to the mentee program as individual is 99 USD/ year. The first month is free and the year starts from the second month.

The subscription to the mentee program as organisation is 199 USD/ year. The first month is free and the year starts from the second month.

Fill the form below in order to help us know more about you and your expectations. Thank you for your collaboration.