The mentorship program of geoscholarglobal aims to create a world of value and wealth for youths and entrepreneurs. Mentors are the core stone on which the program is built, and they are helping the others to get higher in the professional careers or to bring their company to the next level.
All the mentors of geoscholarglobal are people who are at the top of their field, making an impact, with a proven track record and a great experience.
All the mentors are going through a specific mentorship training to teach them how to mentor in an effective and efficient way.
The mentorship program is divided in two parts: For individuals and for organisation. The responsibilities of the mentor are:
• Assist the mentee in setting realistic, obtainable goals.
• Try to actively engage the mentee in the workplace.
• Provide early and thorough orientation of the mentee to jobs or scholarships.
• Provide feedback to the direction of geoscholarglobal on the evolution of mentee
• Provide adequate supervision on the opportunities for mentees.
Effective Mentoring Strategies
• Positive Attitude: Encourage the mentee to examine beliefs and ideals in an effort to establish personal values and goals.
• Open-mindedness: Encourage the mentee to keep an open mind to different ideas.
• Interrelations: The interactions between mentor and the mentee should be situations of sharing, caring, and empathizing.
• Creative Problem Solving: Encourage them mentee to use creative problem-solving processes.
• Effective Communications: Encourage the mentee to be an attentive listener and an assertive inquirer.
• Discovery: Encourage the mentee to be an independent thinker.
• Strengths and Uniqueness: Encourage the mentee to recognize individual strengths and uniqueness and to build upon them.
• Confidence: Assist the mentee in developing self-confidence.
• Awareness: Stress that the student must be aware of the environment, be intuitive, be problem-sensitive, and be ready to make the most of opportunities.
• Risk-taking: Encourage the mentee to be a risk-taker and to be an active participant, not a spectator.
• Flexibility: Share with the mentee the importance of being flexible and adaptable in attitudes and actions, looking for alternatives, and seeing situations/persons from different perspectives.

Listening Recipe
• Avoid being judgmental: Concentrate on the message and not the person.
• Do not be insincere in your listening: If you fake attention, it will be evident.
• Listen for ideas and not just facts: Look for the big meaning in what is said.
• Avoid communication killers: Analyse your responses and be sure to avoid action words that will cut off communication.
• Put what you are hearing into words: After you have listened closely, try to put what the other person is saying and feeling into words and see how they react.
Praising Recipe
• Be immediate: Catch them doing something right, right now!!
• Be sincere: If you cannot be sincere, say nothing.
• Be specific: Concentrate specifically on what was done, not on generalities.
• Show the benefit: Ask yourself, “How does this effort help the mentee?”
• State your own reaction: People want to know how you really feel.
Benefit for mentors
 Mentor that is working for one year will received a certificate
 Mentor will get any recommendation from geoscholarglobal at any time after working for one year
 Mentor will benefit from a training for mentors
 Mentor will get first-hand information on opportunities from geoscholarglobal
 Mentor will get a waiver in terms of advertisement on the geoscholarglobal platforms for any of their personal products in the field of education.
 Each Mentor will be showcase on our platform
 A BIG surprised for any mentor that will work for at least one year with us


Apply to become a mentor
If you are interested to become a mentor, apply by clicking HERE
The process of selection of mentors is rigorous. Good luck and we are excited to welcome you in the Geoscholarglobal family.