Person of the Month of December

Aminetou Bilal

Short presentation: My goal in life is to strengthen the leadership of the people I meet, especially young people. I do this through my Facebook page #SelfieMbalite, the exchanges I have with people and pushing me to set an example for what I think is important. My name is Aminetou Bilal.

Background: Graduate of the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech in Geosciences and currently in Master 1 environment and climate change at the Mauritanian Institute of Training, Studies and Research for Development (IMFERD). Youth member of the G5 Sahel participating in the meeting with the High Representative of the European Union Mrs. Federica Mogherini and Foreign Ministers of the G5 Sahel countries in Bamako (Mali) in June 2017. Independent consultant, ambassador for the African Youth Leadership Summit (AYLS) in Mauritania. Aminetou is passionate about environmental issues, selected in October 2015 to participate in the training workshop on Climate Change organized by the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) in Libreville. She also participated in November 2016 at COP22 and COY12 in Morocco (Marrakech)  Aminetou was invited as a speaker to give a presentation on awareness raising techniques for young Africans at COP22 at the “Adaptation of African agriculture” stand at the contest. At the beginning of 2017, she launched a virtual campaign via Facebook to denounce the insalubrity in the form of hashtag #SelfieMbalite in Mauritania. Currently president of the NGO Selfie Mbalite that campaigns for the protection of the environment and promotes the ecological development of Mauritania.

Source of inspiration: seeing the Selfie Waste campaign in Guinea Conakry launched by blogger Fatimetou Cherif, who raises awareness of the state of insalubrity in her country. I told myself that we have the same environmental problems and that we just need to contextualize the campaign for Mauritania. Therefore I launched SELFIE MBALITE (Mbalite: waste in the 4 local languages ​​in Mauritania) to sound the alarm on this problem of insalubrity.

My challenges: The biggest challenge is to get people to change their behavior towards the environment, to make them understand the importance of protecting the environment.

My successes: She speaks about the problem of insalubrity in all the media of Mauritania and some foreign medias (France 24, RFI, Al Hurra TV, Magrebvoices). A debate has been raised. I am one of 36 young people selected from 7500 candidates from Europe and Africa to develop the Youth Agenda that was submitted to 83 heads of state and government at the 5th Africa-European Union Summit in Abidjan. My vision: to make Mauritania clean and healthy.

African Youth Council: “No matter what people think of you, if you do not persevere with patience, passion and conviction you will never succeed. Love yourself, value your skills so that they take you seriously. Never give up